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Rose Logix LLC Company is pleased to provide the convenience of electronic access to Rose Logix Team Members. To protect the private information held on this system, it is password-protected, and only Rose Logix Team Members and administrators are authorized users of this site. Any access or attempted access by unauthorized persons is prohibited, and violators are subject to prosecution. All access to, and usage of, this service may be monitored in order to protect user privacy, maintain system integrity and security, comply with laws and cooperate with law enforcement. By using this service, you consent to those actions and to Rose Logix obtaining data from third parties about your access to and use of this service.

By selecting Logon, you agree to the following:

%u2022 You certify that the identifiers you entered are your own, that you are signing on to conduct business and that you are an authorized user of the Rose Logix  Web sites.

%u2022 You are solely responsible for any loss of privacy or the security of your account if you disclose your Rose Logix Password to any other person.

%u2022 You agree to contact Administrator ( immediately if you have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to your Password.

%u2022 You understand that the systems supporting Rose Logix Secure Logon and the connected benefits Web sites may experience technical difficulties from time-to-time, and that Rose Logix and the Web site operators are not responsible for circumstances beyond their control that result in any system failure, loss of data, interruption or delay in transmission, or other operational problems that may affect the functionality of Rose Logix Secure Logon, the benefits Web sites, communication lines, networks and other connected systems.

If you experience difficulties, please contact the Administrator at